Die Erde ist bunt - Atelierarbeit mit Lehm

(The earth is multi-hued - studio work with clay)

The earth on which we walk, upon which all plant life grows, which is saturated, washed out, and swept away by water, which – dried out by the sun – slowly forms fissures and eventually disintegrates into a sea of clods, is not just brown or grey. It is multi-hued. The coloured clays are particularly fascinating. They are a very special type of earth.

Daniel Duchert explains what clay consists of, where it can be found, and how to store it.
Above all, he explains how one can use clay for working with children in the studio:
• Children can use firm clay to build with.
  They can scratch marks in it, drill it, sieve it, fill it, and pour it.
• Children can use soft clay to squelch, shape, and model.
• Children can use liquid clay to draw and paint with.

The author describes numerous options and how to prepare them inside and outside the studio. These include projects resembling a building site, such as throwing clay at willow mats, making clay stones, or a foot mud bath. Numerous colour photos show how much pleasure children have when working with the natural material that is clay.

Daniel Duchert
Die Erde ist bunt - Atelierarbeit mit Lehm
Verlag das Netz, Weimar/Berlin, 2012
german, 48 pages, with numerous colour photos
ISBN 978-3-86892-062-8
12,90 € incl. 14 days sale or return

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