gestalten mit LEHM

Clay is a modern material having a distinctive material aesthetic and therefore is well a highly topical medium for interior decoration. Clay is expressive: as well archaic as also up-to-date, puristic or decorative. The building material clay is advantageous concerning ecology and building biology and meets a growing demand for healthy living. Clay gives new impulses to architecture and interior design.

This book demonstrates the potential of Clay as a means of design in the interior of buildings. Its two main parts Awareness and Inspiration and Character and Expression combine knowledge and creativity.
A glance at clay from different angles opens many approaches and basic principles of creative work and design. This holds true as well for the microscopic and macroscopic perception of clay as also for such categories as struktur, textur and faktur, material and formal expression, for explanations to work on clay with hands, simple things and tools and for the chapter on earth construction.

gestalten mit LEHM (designing with clay) inspires beside theoretical explanations above all by the picture series on such subjects focussing on rocks, objects of nature, sketching, earth design and architecture. 

Daniel Duchert
gestalten mit LEHM
Verlag Farbe und Gesundheit, Frammersbach, 2008
german, 112 pages, more than 200 sketchs and photos, hardcover, format 26,5 x 26,5 cm
ISBN 978-3-939946-014
38,00 € incl. 14 days sale or return

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