Interior Design

Clay - everything but an old-fashioned building material. It is a source of a variety of impulses
for creating interior spaces, not only based on the material’s aesthetics and functionality but also
on account of its ecological and environmentally compatible building material qualities.

· Advice
· Planning of interior
· Clay designs

Area Space Object

Clay has an inherent infinite creative potential for interior work. It is just a matter of attitude and imagination.

Wall panels · Operable walls · Partitions · Furnishings · Wall plasters · Accessories

Structure Texture Facture

Surfaces made of clay can appear very different in their material and form language – smooth/coarse, delicate/rough, light/heavy, shiny/matte, round/edged, plastic/flat, structural/symbolical. Let us use our hands, simple items, tools, clay building techniques and various ingredients for the clay mixture to create unique surfaces out of clay.


Raw materials Materials

Every type of pit clay has unique characteristics that can be used for creative work depending on its source and historical development. Let us discover these.